Month: August 2018

What Theo thinks and what we think News

What Theo thinks and what we think!

The three Belgian LGBTI+ umbrella organizations (the organizers of The Belgian Pride) react indignantly to the statements made by Secretary of State Theo Francken. “Anyone who does not fit in with the stereotypical man or woman is insulted and marginalized. This divides the world into ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ people. That is not the worldview that […]

LGBT rolmodellen - Wel Jong Niet Hetero News

LGBT On Sale

Advertising and media creators are selling us the perfect life within the leading role the happy “feel good”-family. Unfortunately, LGBTI+’s are hardly pictured in this ideal world. However, a lot of young people are waiting for these subtle role models. These role models are of great importance for young people who can not recognize themselves […]