All for One!

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To be yourself. Even today, a lot of LGBTI+ people are still unable to do so. Fifty years ago, the Stonewall riots have marked the beginning of a fight for equal rights for the LGBTI+ community. These demonstrations were mainly led by a diverse and intersectional group of trans-people, people of color and sex workers. Their fight for equal rights laid the first brick for the Pride. More and more people can be themselves more freely today thanks to this group of people and their successors. Through #AllforOne, with solidarity and intersectionality as baselines, we want to emphasize that everyone is unique and deserves their place in society without discrimination, no matter the reason. Let us stand up for each other and for the people who still face discrimination and exclusion every day, by uniting under the colors of the rainbow!

Contact the regional LGBTI+ organizations for more information:

RainbowHouse Brussels vzw/asbl

Kolenmarkt 42
1000 Brussels

Tel: 02 503 59 90


About the belgian pride: Rainbowhouse

çavaria vzw/asbl

Kammerstraat 22
9000 Ghent

Tel: 09 223 69 29


About the belgian pride: Logo of çavaria

Arc-en-Ciel Wallonie vzw/asbl

Jonruelle 17
4000 Liège

Tel: 04 222 17 33


About the belgian pride: Logo of arc-en-ciel Wallonie
Waving the Rainbow flag on the Mont des Arts. © TBP, Brice Guiho This picture is used to explain the theme Your Local Power
© TBP, Brice Guiho