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A clean Pride!

The Belgian Pride is trying every year to become more clean. But we can’t do it without your help…

What we will do:

  • Provide free toilets in the Village (easy to find thanks to signs)
  • Put enough bins in the Village but also along the path of the Parade

But making the Pride cleaner is also in your interest. Attention, because urinating anywhere except for at the toilets can cost you a €100 fine! 

(c) TBP, Benoit Geets Clean Pride
(c) TBP, Benoit Geets

Enjoy a cleaner Pride in collaboration with:

  • The City of Brussels (Carine Lalieux, échevine de la Propreté)
  • Bruxelles Propreté
  • The Cleanliness Service of the City
  • The City Police
  • And you of course!

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