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We are currently all going through a period of which we hope we will never have to experience it again. Not only are these uncertain times, it is also a time where people could feel anxious, uncertain and lonely.

Therefore we would like to help you!

How to protect myself and others?

To protect yourself and others against the new coronavirus (Covid-19) you can apply the following measures to improve your personal hygiene:

  1. Stay at home when you are sick
  2. Wash your hands regularly.
  3. Use a new paper handkerchief each time and throw it away in a lockable dustbin.
  4. No handkerchief? Cough or sneeze in your elbow cavity.

What you can I do to slow down the spreading of the virus?

  1. Stay home as much as possible.
  2. Avoid giving hands, kissing or cuddling.
  3. Be attentive to at-risk groups. These are persons over 65 years old, diabetics, persons with heart, lung or kidney diseases, persons with a weakened immune system, …
  4. Contact between children and the elderly is not recommended.
  5. Keep enough distance (1.5 meters) when you are outside.

More information concerning the virus can be found on, and

I’d like to help other people, what can I do?

The Belgian Red Cross is always looking for donations:

See for yourself which initiatives are taken in your commune on

You can join ‘Vlaanderen helpt‘ on the website of

Do you have an idea to help others? Or no clue but you still want to help or you need help yourself?

Want to help other Brusselers during the corona crisis? Or do you need help yourself ?

UZ Brussel needs helping hands and every kind of help is very much appreciated. Register as a volunteer at UZ Brussel.

The Foodbanks are looking for volunteers.

If you have experience in healthcare you can subscribe to Iriscare.

Centre de Planning familial des FPS : in need of masks (chirurgical/medical)

Médecins du Monde Belgique :  For Brussels and Hainaut , volunteers with a medical background to take care of people who need medical help (people with Covid-19 are not part of this) and non-medical volunteers whose task is to guide and inform people at the consultation centers:

Shalom (Mouscron) : distribution of food packages on the first and fourth friday of each month:

Relais social urbain namurois: reinforcements (nurse/social worker profiles) to receive homeless people 24 hours a day in the place of confinement and ensure continuity of care. Availability during the day and/or night. Location: Namur. Contact:

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