Belgian Pride's principal social goal is the annual organisation of the Pride Parade, a national march in the Brussels Capital Region.

Three umbrella-organisations form the board that decides the annual theme and the political demands. They represent a large number of local and regional associations. These three organisations are:

Other partners in the board are:


The Belgian Pride asbl/vzw aims at bringing out societal change and influencing both the political landscape and society by organising and contributing to the smooth running of events, activities and communication aspects relating to the Belgian Pride Festival. It is a festival that takes place every year which gather events, initiatives and activities with a festive, political and cultural purpose, not only in Brussels, the Belgian and European capital, but also throughout the whole of Belgium. The Belgian Pride Festival takes place every year in May, on a date close to the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (17 May).

The Belgian Pride asbl acts as the "megaphone" of the LGBTI+ community and their friends, and as a full partner of all initiatives that wish to convey this message.

The association positions itself as a facilitator for all stakeholders (civil society, traders, cultural sector, horeca, tourism, etc.). If The Belgian Pride asbl/vzw takes care of the organisation, it is its members who are the essence of the Belgian Pride Festival. The objective is to create an inclusive and diverse Pride event that highlights a new societal theme and a basis of claims every year.


The vision of The Belgian Pride asbl/vzw is mainly to create visibility and a certain commitment. This vision is based on five pillars: the members, the platform, the political and societal aspects, the celebration of diversity and the actions in Belgium and beyond.


The Belgian Pride asbl/vzw wants to first improve the visibility of the LGBTI+ community and organisations to the general public. In this way, it aims at contributing to the defence of the interests and rights of the LGBTI+ people.


The Belgian Pride asbl/vzw is a platform that welcomes a multitude of initiatives, in turn, launched and set up by many organisations. This platform allows proactive exchanges between individuals and organisations to encourage them to carry out (together) their initiatives. The Belgian Pride Festival acts as a framework in which all these initiatives are communicated in a univocal way.

Political/societal aspects

The Belgian Pride asbl/vzw aims at circulating the political and societal messages as well as claims of the LGBTI+ movement, but also at making them heard more clearly within the society and the political landscape. It strives also to create a social impact, in collaboration with associations and partners.

Celebrating diversity

With a wide range of events and initiatives, the Belgian Pride Festival is also the ultimate festive parade for LGBTI+ people “and friends”. It aims (among others things) at celebrating diversity and investing, at least once a year, the public space to create a safe place where everyone feels free to show themselves as they are, with all their particularities.

Belgium and beyond

The Belgian Pride Festival brings together events and initiatives (commercial or otherwise) that unite the entire Belgian LGBTI+ community. Although the festival is based in the Brussels-Capital Region, it is nevertheless carried out by people, institutions, organisations, initiatives and enterprises from all over the country. On the other hand, The Belgian Pride asbl/vzw wants to spread the open and international character of Belgium, starting from Brussels, the European capital, to spread out its values and solidarity on the international scene.

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