Volunteers / Helping Hands

Join the Helping Hands to aide in event construction at Belgian Pride Events!

We are looking for motivated people ready to make to lend a hand, so we can build Pride together! Without you, there would be no Belgian Pride. Always wanted to help organising this amazing event? Join our family of volunteers!

When can I help?

You can choose when to help the Belgian Pride.

  • During specific Pride Events
  • During the preparation of Pride Events
  • Different moments during the year, for the day to day work with the team

For each events, there are three different types of Helping Hands

Volunteer Manager

Supporting Pride Team with managing the Helping Hands around our events

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Media Crew

Capturing the Pride Events and all the wonderful people attending and participating.

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Event Crew

Taking care of various small tasks that are essential for our events to run smoothly! Either before, during, or after the events.

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Pride Events and COVID-19

The COVID-19 barometer in Belgium now allows us to organise Belgian Pride without any particular restrictions since we are in "code yellow".

Learn more about Pride and Covid-19

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