KLIQ Training · Public spaces and common domain

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20 May, 2021
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During the week of 17 May 2021, as part of IDAHOT, we are offering five free trainings! 

(Trainings in Dutch only)

These online trainings are designed for professionals and professionals-to-be, such as students, who work in one of the five domains of Diversity and Childhood: the health sector, family associations & child protection organisations, education, public spaces & common domain and media

The training courses are provided by KLIQ, çavaria's education and training centre. They are now offered free of charge as a first for IDAHOT, and will later be permanently included in KLIQ's offer.


Public spaces and common domain

Throughout the years, Belgium has achieved many legal achievements regarding the equal rights of LGBTI persons. However, progressive and tolerant legislation is not always reflected in a social climate. Also LGBTI youth often experience discrimination, stigmatisation and violence on the streets and in other public spaces.

In this training, we will guide you through the maze of abbreviations and give you a solid basic knowledge on gender and sexual diversity.

In addition, we make you reflect on the experienced reality of minority groups through an interactive privilege walk. Finally, we explore the steps you as a professional can take to make our public space a safer place for LGBTI youth. This training is therefore very relevant for police officers, local administrators, street educators, youth workers and all others who are committed to safety on the streets.

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