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19 May, 2021
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During the week of May 17, 2021, as part of IDAHOT, we are offering five free trainings! 

(Trainings in Dutch only)

These online trainings are designed for professionals and professionals-to-be, such as students, who work in one of the five domains of Diversity and Childhood: the health sector, family associations & child protection organisations, education, public spaces & common domain and media. 

The training courses are provided by KLIQ, çavaria's education and training centre. They are offered free of charge now as a first for IDAHOT, and will be permanently included in KLIQ's offer at a later stage.



This training is meant for professionals working in the field of education, but also students who will end up in this field later on are welcome. 

During this interactive training you will first learn the basics about SOGIESC, gender and sexual diversity and discrimination. After that we will go deeper into the field of education. 

Based on your expectations and concerns about the LGBTI+ theme in education, we will talk, discuss and teach about (almost) everything related to LGBTI in a safe environment. 

You get to know the maze of abbreviations. With the help of the gender cake, you become an expert on gender and sexual diversity. Some figures make you think about the situation at your school. Together with the other participants, you look for your scenario to eradicate homophobia. Sometimes you will be confronted with the facts, for instance via the interactive privilege walk. To conclude, we will reflect on the various steps you can take as a school to work as a school team towards an inclusive learning and living environment for your pupils/students. 

Besides the training, you will also receive, if you wish, a goodie bag with, among other things, a handbook for professionals, full of relevant information and tips. You will also receive two handouts with a glossary and an overview of care providers. 

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