Q.Artz - Reflections Of A Dirty Mind

Organised by The Belgian Pride X Stammbar

18-19 September 2021
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Marijn Celea is a visual artist and choreographer working and living in Brussels.

His current work includes a series of digital collages that are all part of his project ‘Reflections Of A Dirty Mind’.

‘Reflections Of A Dirty Mind’ took shape at the beginning of the first lockdown period in Belgium - March 2020 - as a way of coping with the fact that life as we knew it stood still and the void it created left a space for new things to emerge. Because of his fascination for the male form and the medium of collage, Marijn started the project. This gave him a structure in which he could shape his fantasies into little works of art.  

His fantasies play a big role in the establishment of a concept for a new work.
This can go from sexual fantasies to pure aesthetics, depending on his thoughts and feelings during that specific moment. 
Marijn fantasizes a lot about the deformation of the body and he tends to incorporate this in his work.
The penis, as a subject in the work, represents itself in the first place.
The penis as an aesthetic object. A shape that contributes to the composition of the work.
Secondly it refers to its phallic status. What does it mean to be a man? To have a penis? 
How does society deal with this when it comes to gender and sexuality?
Do we get forced into gender roles? How can we separate ourselves from this?
By adding, highlighting, enlarging or even hiding or erasing a penis in the collages, Marijn tries to deal with these issues.
Although some of the images come from a pornographic context, they are manipulated in order to become something else. Transforming pornography into art.

Finally - and maybe most importantly - the aspect of cruising plays an important role in the creation process of the work. The fantasy embodies a part of Marijns inability to venture into a cruising environment. The process of connecting with people, in order to provide images for the collages, becomes a kind of ‘cruising game’ on its own.

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15h00 - 01h00

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Kolenmarkt 114, 1000 Brussel ,

This is an indoor event.


The Belgian Pride X Stammbar

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