Belgian Pride seeks inclusiveness from companies and political parties

11 March 2020 The Belgian Pride Community Activism

Only after a good audit score, groups may participate in the Pride Parade.

Brussels, 11 March 2020 – More than 80 organisations and companies will be present at the 24th edition of Belgian Pride. In line with the slogan ‘WeCare’, the organisation will check if all groups (organisations, companies and political parties) that want to participate in the Pride Parade have a strong inclusion policy in practice. Therefore, anyone who wants to register as a group, has to undergo an inclusiveness audit as of this year. Another change is that commercial brands are no longer allowed to participate in the Belgian Pride, unless they register in the capacity of employer.

« A favourable and inclusive work environment is in fact an indispensable step to improve the wellbeing of LGBTI+ people »

- Belgian Pride Organizers

Inclusiveness screening new when registering for Pride Parade

“In order to participate in the Pride Parade, companies, political parties and organisations must henceforth have a full inclusiveness audit carried out. Only those who score sufficiently and can prove this with examples from reality, are allowed to participate. The audit will be carried out by our independent non-profit partner Kliq vzw. A thorough analysis is also made of the external communication of groups and whether or not it is inclusive”, says Laurent Mallet, chairman of The Belgian Pride vzw.

The change in the registration procedure is in line with the ongoing efforts of Belgian Pride vzw to continue to improve its own operations. In the past, the reproach sounded that the parade had become too commercial and that participating groups used their parade cars for pin-washing, in order to display their brand in a positive way.

“We like to listen to feedback from participants, partners, visitors and stakeholders, even when criticism is voiced. Thanks to the audit, we know that all Belgian Pride participants share and respect our values and that they support the LGBTI+ community. We also record this through a signed agreement and in a charter, just as we did in previous years. We sit down with the political parties to make sure they keep their promises of last year and we look at what they want to improve in the future,” says Rachael Moore, member of the board of The Belgian Pride.

Pride Festival focuses on 'WeCare'

More than 70 (partner) events are scheduled during the Pride Festival from 8 to 24 May. This edition is all about mental and physical health, under the slogan ‘WeCare’. This year’s highlight will once again be the Pride Parade with more than 80 participating groups and organisations on Saturday 23 May. The Belgian Pride vzw is looking forward to this big event, where there will be room for activism as well as partying.

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