KLIQ Inclusion Scan

Since 2020, The Belgian Pride has been working with an external partner, KLIQ vzw, a consultancy organisation specialising in sexual orientation and gender diversity. They work together with employers to focus on an inclusive workplace policy.

The inclusion scan developed by KLIQ vzw is a tool to evaluate the degree of inclusion in a company/organisation. The inclusion scan is both a self-assessment tool and a way for KLIQ vzw to give feedback and develop an individual inclusion programme.


There are two types of scans: a basic scan for smaller companies and a full scan for the larger companies.

With both the basic scan and the full scan, companies and organisations are assessed on 7 domains:

  • Part 1: Vision, strategy and policy
  • Part 2: Leadership
  • Part 3: HR and employees
  • Part 4: Internal communication and visibility
  • Part 5: Employee diversity networks
  • Part 6: Quality assessment and control
  • Part 7: External Engagement


After completing the scan, the results are reviewed together for the first time, after which KLIQ draws up a detailed and personal report. After consultation with the partners, KLIQ draws up a goal-oriented trajectory for increasing inclusion within the organisation.


The results of the inclusion scan are only shared with the companies themselves. The Belgian Pride receives only a summary from KliQ, without details. The intention is to encourage companies to improve their diversity and inclusion policy. Filling in the scan is a condition for eventual participation, but not a guarantee. Only those companies that meet the minimum requirements in terms of diversity and inclusion policy will be considered. The Belgian Pride decides whether a company can participate based on the advice of KLIQ.

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