Rainbow Village

Welcome to Rainbow Village!

Cosmopolitan, liberal and inclusive, Brussels welcomes you with open arms. The Brussels LGBTI+ café, bar and restaurant scene is vibrant, varied and welcoming. All languages are spoken. Brussels is easy to navigate on foot and facilitates encounters that will make you want to come back and party until the early hours of the morning. Come enjoy the Brussels way of life!

Warm and welcoming, the beating heart of Brussels’ LGBTI+ community can be found in the Grand-Place neighbourhood! Rue du Marché au Charbon and Rue des Pierres offer a great diversity of bars where you can have a drink, try your luck, and spend time with friends for one night or a lifetime. Bears, twinks, lesbians, fashionistas, butches, gym queens, hipsters, drags, queers — everybody is welcome!

Keep an eye out for a few hidden gem outside the city centre!

Whatever the weather, there’s always a crowd and an atmosphere during the weekend, and the party continues late into the night… Welcome to the Rainbow Village, welcome to Brussels!

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