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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between The Belgian Pride, the Pride Weekend and the Belgian Pride Festival?

Belgian Pride Festival: 3th – 19th of May
LGBTI+ events throughout Belgium.
For an overview of all the events, click here 

Pride Weekend
: 17th – 19th of May
The weekend around IDAHOT (17th of May) is filled with different big events. We have the Ihsane Jarfi Day, a weekend of partying in the Rainbow Village and the Main Day of the Belgian Pride (with the Pride Village and the Pride Parade.)

Ihsane Jarfi Day: 11th of May
A commemorative moment to fight against discrimination based on gender identities, sensual orientations, origin and cultural and religious identities. The march starts from the Place de la Monnaie.
For more information, click here

Pride Parade and Village (Main Day): 18th of May
The colorful highlight of the Belgian Pride Festival. The Village is located on the Mont des Arts. De Parade starts from the Rue Ravenstein.

More information about the Pride Parade
More information about the Pride Village

Rainbow Village Weekend: 17th – 19th of May
3 days of partying in the Quartier Saint-Jacques
More information about the Rainbow Village 

How can I get to the Pride Village?

We recommend using public transport. The Mont des Arts is easily accessible via various transport methods.
For an overview, click here. 


Inside the Pride Village

What are the do’s and don’ts on the Pride Village?
The Pride Village is closed off to guarantee safety. The event remains free for everyone. Everyone who comes in can be searched. Glass, weapons & other dangerous objects are not allowed.

Alcoholic beverages are not sold to people under 16 year olds. Strong drinks are only sold to people aged 18 and older.

Pets are allowed.

Backpacks are strictly discouraged as they are thoroughly checked and can therefore cause long queues.

What can I eat and drink on the Pride Village?
You can satisfy your hunger in the Foodcorner. There is something for everyone. We provide a variety of culinary specialties. You can also find vegetarian foods on the menu.

In the bars, you can obtain an assortment of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Are you younger than 16 years old? According to the law, we are not allowed to serve you alcoholic beverages. Not yet 18 years old? Then we will not sell you strong drinks either.


Find a map of the Pride Village here

The Belgian Pride provides free toilets.
To find out where exactly they will be, check here.

Are lockers provided?
We do not provide lockers at the Pride Village.

Where can I go with my questions on the day itself?
On the 18th you can ask all your questions to our fantastic staff in the info stand.
Click here to see where the info stand is located in the Pride Village.

We provide free earplugs that you can pick up at the info stand.

Will first aid be provided at the Pride Village?
First aid is provided in the Pride Village by the Red Cross.
Click here to see where you can go for first aid in the Pride Village.

Accessibility for people with disabilities
The accessibility of the Mont des Arts for people with reduced mobility and hearing impairment is coordinated and installed by the ALMAGIC association.
On the day itself, the available number will be 0486 42 63 42, if necessary.
More information on accessibility click here.

Photographers on the Belgian Pride
By entering the Pride Village you implicitly give permission to be on photos.

Find all extra information & the route on the Pride Parade 

Where and when will the Pride Parade take place?
The Pride Parade takes place on the 18th of May and starts right after the Kick-Off around 14:30. Participating in the Parade is completely free!

Can I still register as a participant?
Subscriptions for motorized participations have already been closed.

Delegations on foot do not have to register. Registrations are only necessary for official participants.
Do you want to join us freely? Everyone is welcome. You do not need to register for this.

How can I get on a chariot?
The cars during the Pride Parade are hosted by different organizations. If you want to get on a car, you can contact the participating delegations. Please note that you are not allowed to get on or off the car during the parade.

An overview of the participating delegations can be found here. 

Everyone is welcome on the Belgian Pride, regardless of gender identities, sexual orientation, origin and cultural and religious identities, (dis)abilities or age.

We reject every form of physical or verbal violence and disrespectful behaviour!

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