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On the 18th of May 2019, as tradition dictates, the Belgian Pride Parade will take place in the center of Brussels. The Belgian Pride will have an impact on mobility and so there will be various traffic diversions and traffic restrictions. Public transport is interrupted from 12AM to 7PM in the Ravensteinstraat and from 2PM to 7PM on the rest of the course.

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The route of the Pride Parade

1. Ravensteinstraat / Rue Ravenstein
2. Putterij / Putterie
3. Europakruispunt / Carrefour de l’Europe
4. Keizerinlaan / Boulevard de l’emperatrice
5. Arenbergstraat / Rue d’Arenberg
6. Schildknaapstraat / Rue d’Ecuyer
7. Kleerkopersstraat / Rue des Fripiers
8. Taborastraat / Rue de Tabora
9. Zuidstraat / Rue du Midi
10. Lombaardstraat / Rue du Lombard
11. Oud Korenhuisplein / Place de la Vieille Halle aux Blés
15. Trapstraat / Rue de l’Escalier

Ontbinding / Séparation
16. Keizerslaan / Boulevard de l’Empereur

Departure scheduled at 14h30 – End at 18h

Parking bans will also be applied on the day itself and on the day before. We request everyone to respect the parking signs concerned and thus avoid getting towed.

The parcours of the parade will only be less accessible for a few hours. Of course, the emergency services will always have access to the course. Local residents, traders, parking users, … will also be able to leave the city center under exceptional circumstances via the following 4 exit points:

  1. Keizerinlaan – Loksumstraat / Boulevard de l’Impératrice – Rue de Loxum
  2. Taborastraat – Kleerkopersstraat / Rue de Tabora – Rue des Fripiers
  3. Lombardstraat – Zuidstraat / Rue du Lombard – Rue du Midi
  4. Sint Jansplein / Place Saint-Jean

The plan on the right provides you with a clear overview of the route that the Belgian Pride Parade will take and the 4 exit points in exceptional situations.

Pride 2019 - Portes de sortie véhicules

In short, everyone is advised not to come to the city center of Brussels by car on the 18th of May. For your necessary journeys within Brussels, we ask you to give preference to public transport, but keep in mind that there may be hindrance there too. The subway drives normally.

For more information, please visit the website (pride.be/localresidents) or send to the e-mail address info@pride.be. On the day of the Belgian Pride you can follow the tweets of the police zone Brussels CAPITAL Ixelles for real time information via @zpz_polbru.

Extra information for businesses in the city centre

On Saturday, May 18th, 2019, the Belgian Pride will take place in Brussels according to an annual tradition, as will the accompanying Pride Village on the site of the Mont des Arts. The organization of this Pride Village will have an impact on the environment of the Mont des Arts and the mobility around the site.


  • On Friday the 17th of May 2019, technical materials will be built on the Place de l’Albertine.
  • On Saturday the 18th of May 2019, the Boulevard de L’Empereur will be closed for traffic from 5AM. The practical organization of the
    Pride Village will start at the same time. The Mont des Arts site is – for security reasons – hermetic closed with fences. There is a passage for pedestrians between the Rue de la Madeleine, the footpath of the Place de l’Albertine and the Rue Saint-Jean. The Pride Village opens at noon and closes at midnight. Access to the Pride Village is free and accessible to everyone, including shops and customers. There will be one personal check at the entrances. Attention: the Mont des Arts site is completely closed (for everyone) between 10AM and 11.30AM for a safety check.
  • Sunday the 19th of May, 2019, from about 5AM the Boulevard de L’Empereur will be accessible again to traffic. In the morning the clean-up will be completed and the Mont des Arts site will again look like before.

Points of attention:

  • Safety is priority number one. Therefore ask we businesses within the perimeter of the Pride Village, to not sell any liquor in glasses or glass bottles.
  • During the period of construction, the event and the dismantling of the event there will be different parking bans be set in the environment. Please do respect this and avoid getting towed.
  • The ‘Albertine’ Interparking parking will remain open throughout the year accessible throughout the entire period (both entry and exit) the Lebeaustraat. The rue Saint-Jean will be used as a passageway for the emergency services, please do not to jeopardize it.

To download the one pager in Dutch or in French, click one of the buttons below.

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