Pride Charter

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The Pride Charter

It is important for The Belgian Pride that participants and partners share and respect the values of the organisation. 

The Belgian Pride yearly published a ‘charter’, in which the signatory commits to respecting the values of the Pride and universal human rights and to actively support and improve the well-being of the LGBTI+ community. In addition, those who wish can sign the charter spontaneously.

The list of signatories of the charter 2019 will be published soon.

Download the Pride Charters of the previous years here:

  • Click here (NLFR) for the Pride Charter of 2018 (theme “Your Local Power”)
  • Click here (NLFR) for the Pride Charter of 2017 (theme “Crossing Borders”)
  • Click here (NLFR) for the Pride Charter of 2016 (theme “Love is too beautiful to be hidden”)
The Belgian Pride Parade 2018 © TBP, Eric Danhier
© TBP, Eric Danhier

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