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The Participants of the Belgian Pride Village 2019

The participants of 2019 will be announced soon! Every year we strive to facilitate as many participants as possible to make the Belgian Pride a success.
More than 50 organizations will be found in the Village.

Participants 2019: TBA

Here is an overview of 2018 in alphabetical order

  • .beproud/Belgian Defence Rainbow Community
  • Achetergay
  • Activelles
  • Almagic PMR
  • Amnesty International
  • Animagay
  • Antwerp Pride
  • Aor Thaï Cuisine
  • Arc-en-Ciel Wallonie
  • Bike Brussels
  • Brussels Gay Sports
  • Buysse Mobiele Snacks
  • çavaria
  • De Genderbende
  • Euro burger
  • Ex Aequo
  • Fonds Suzan Daniel
  • Fritkot Vandermeulen
  • Funtattoofactory
  • Gay Street
  • Infostand
  • Instituut voor de gelijkheid van vrouwen en mannen
  • Lezardes
  • Los Churros
  • Maison Arc-en-Ciel de la province de Luxembourg
  • Maison Arc-en-Ciel de liège
  • Migration Policy Group
  • Nordik
  • Okapi International
  • OREO
  • Oxo Travel
  • Pasta d’italia
  • Politiezone Brussel HOOFDSTAD Elsene/la zone de police de Bruxelles CAPITALE Ixelles – PolBru
  • Printandi Fashion
  • Rainbow Cops Belgium LGBT Police
  • Sensoa
  • Sex&Co + Modus Fiesta
  • Sex-Positive Belgium
  • Steurbaut Yvette
  • The Himalaya Club
  • The Vexican
  • Trans-ition
  • Unia
  • Velvet Sixty-Nine
  • We Exist
Picture of the Pride Village participants
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