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Every year in May, during the Pride month, Brussels will be immersed in rainbow colors for the RainbowCity Project.
Join several initiatives within this project that spread the message of diversity, inclusion and solidarity.

? Pictures taken by Eric Danhier, Mark Cuvelier, Pascal Mannaerts, Els Ampe, Kris Hendrickx & Don Pears

Every year there are some prominent buildings in beautiful rainbow colours during the Belgian Pride period.  They are the colourful light that gives our social themes an extra boost.


  • Siège du Parti Socialiste (PS)
  • Belfius: lightshow   de 23 jusqu’a 24 mai de 21u à 23u30
  • VRT
  • AXA
  • Grand Place: lightshow le 17 mai 
  • Les communes de Bruxelles Capitale

Various partners also support the Pride by hanging a rainbow colored flag on their buildings. This year, you can see these beautiful flags on the Bourse, the Beursschouwburg, the BOZAR building, the Ancienne Belgique building, the 9th floor of the VRT building, Central Station, other stations, Building A of the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, MIVB Buses and all the streets of the Pride Parade.

  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Siège du Parti Socialiste (PS)
  • Parlement Bruxellois
  • The communes of Bruxelles Capitale/Hoofdstelijk gewest
The ministry of Mobility of the Brussels Region also puts into place :
  • Rainbow crossroads in Quartier Saint-Jacques, Place Schuman, Place Luxembourg and Place Flagey
  • Same-gender couples on all traffic lights on the Inner Ring
  • Rainbow lights in tunnels mouths (17th – 19th May)
  • Rainbow lights in fountains (17th – 19th May)
  • Rainbow lights in Beurs/Bourse Station (17th – 19th May)
  • Rainbow buses around Brussels (3rd – 19th May)
  • Adjustment of nameplates metro stations Bourse, De Brouckère, Central Station and Parc (13th – 19th of May)

Join #RainbowCityBrussels

Join this colorfull initiative! Take a picture, post it with the hashtag #RainbowCityBrussels and be a part of those who show their pride and support!

Don’t own a rainbow flag? Buy one of our exclusive Belgian Pride flags in our webshop!

Check out the initiatives from the previous editions here

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