Rainbow Village

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You are welcome in the Rainbow Village!

Cosmopolitan, liberal and tolerant, Brussels welcomes you with open arms. The Brussels gay and lesbian scene is discreet, varied and welcoming. All languages are spoken. Brussels is easy to navigate on foot and facilitates encounters that will make you want to come back and party until the early hours of the morning, or just enjoy the Brussels way of life.

The Rainbow Village in Brussels. © Syndigay
© Syndigay

Program Rainbow Village Weekend 2018

Crazy Friday 18/05

° Rue Des Pierres/Steenstraat
18h00-00h00 Afterwork to begin the Pride Weekend

° Rue Marché au Charbon/Kolenmarkt & Rue du Lombardstraat
20h00 Opening speech
20h30 Choir “Tapalanote”
20h45 Act Cabaret Mademoiselle
22h00 Dj’s Live Music
00h00 The End

Pride Day 19/05

° Rue Des Pierres/Steenstraat
18h00-00h00 Dj’s Live music / Saxophone player / Gifts and more surprises

° Rue Marché au Charbon/Kolenmarkt & Rue du Lombardstraat
13h30-23h30 Dj’s Live music

° Petite Rue au Beurre/Korte Boterstraat
12h00-00h00 Streetparty

*There will be also a lounge-area around Fontainas-Kolenmarkt/Rue du Marché au Charbon in collaboration with Stammbar, Café Fontainas, Café Charbon en Sauna Macho.

Sunday 20/05

° Rue Des Pierres/Steenstraat
15h00-22h00 : Disco drag afternoon.

Thema: “The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert”

° Rue Marché au Charbon/Kolenmarkt & Rue du Lombardstraat
15h00-22h00 : Jungle Refresh

Rainbow Village

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