Recollecting Our History

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Dear reader

At the end of June 1969, the Stonewall riots occurred in the Greenwich Village in New York the Metropolitan Police vacated the visitors of the LGBTI+ bar The Stonewall Inn. After years of harassments and violence by the police, the visiting public decided to fight back. This marked the beginning of a worldwide Pride movement and formed the activism that we know today. 

In order to understand the present, it is important to know the history. A Pride can be organized today thanks to years of activism, lobbying and people standing up for equal and equivalent rights. However, there is still farther to go. Through #AllforOne in 2019 we want to draw attention to ‘intersectionality’. Every individual is unique and deserves their place in our society.

The Belgian Pride wants to convey and transfer part of this history. ‘Recollecting our history’ consists of twelve key points in the Pride and LGBTI+ activism worldwide, telling the story of the ones that fought for equal and equivalent rights and pioneer moments throughout history.

Enjoy reading and learning!

‘Recollecting Our History’ was created in collaboration with numerous volunteers from RainbowHouse Brussels, çavaria and Arc-en-Ciel Wallonie. Fonds Suzan Daniel and ILGA Europe supported the campaign with their expertise and pictures. Thank you!

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