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Theme Belgian Pride 2020

A healthy mind in a healthy body.  For the LGBTI+ community this is a theme that still requires a lot of effort.

In recent decades, the rights of LGBTI’s, transgender and intersex persons have been greatly improved. However, there is still a great need for a more inclusive society and assistance. Well-being does not only mean being physically healthy, also the psychological and social aspects are extremely important. With #WeCare we draw a lot of attention to the many challenges that need to be addressed, such as HIV prevention and accessible health care for transgender people. Together, let’s improve the health of LGBTI+ people in all its aspects!

Contact the regional LGBTI+ organizations for more information:

RainbowHouse Brussels vzw/asbl

Kolenmarkt 42
1000 Brussels

Tel: 02 503 59 90
Email: info@rainbowhouse.be


About the belgian pride: Rainbowhouse

çavaria vzw/asbl

Kammerstraat 22
9000 Ghent

Tel: 09 223 69 29
Email: info@cavaria.be


About the belgian pride: Logo of çavaria

Arc-en-Ciel Wallonie vzw/asbl

Jonruelle 17
4000 Liège

Tel: 04 222 17 33
Email: courrier@arcenciel-wallonie.be


About the belgian pride: Logo of arc-en-ciel Wallonie
Waving the Rainbow flag on the Mont des Arts. © TBP, Brice Guiho This picture is used to explain the theme Your Local Power
© TBP, Brice Guiho

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