Pride Parade 2022

Pride Parade

The Pride Parade is the national annual march for the rights of the LGBTI+ community. 

The Belgian Pride asbl/vzw positions itself as a facilitator for all the actors involved (civil society, traders, cultural sector, catering, tourism, etc.). Although the association takes care of the organisational side, it's the members, participants, and visitors who form the essence of the Pride Parade. The aim is to create an inclusive and diverse Pride Event, where the annual societal theme and claims are highlighted each year.

Launching the Pride Parade 

Centred around the year's theme, the Pride Parade usually starts off with speeches on the main stage of Pride Village. Great attention is paid to diversity on stage and to presenting the theme in Dutch, French, English, and sign-language. This year's theme is 'open'!

From there, a giant Rainbow Flag is carried from the stage into the crowd, and leads everyone to the start of the parade. In order for everything to run smoothly as we launch the Pride Parade, we rely on a team of Rainbow Flag Helping Hand Crew volunteers to guarantee that the Flag arrives safely to the front of the procession.

The launch of the Pride Parade is shared live on social media and is followed by hundreds of people from their phones and computers. In doing this, the launch is visible for all, even for those who couldn’t come to Brussels.

  • 12:00 pm - Opening of the Pride Village (Mont des Arts / Kuntsberg)
  • 1:45 pm - Pride Opening: speeches and concerts
  • 2:30 pm - Departure of the Pride Parade from the Pride Village
  • 4:15 pm - Live concerts & DJ sets
  • 00:00 am - Closing of the site

Pride Events in 2022

See you on May 21 for the Belgian Pride Parade 2022!

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The Pride Parade is composed of more than 80 delegations and thousands of visitors that make their way through the heart of Brussels and march through the Bourse and the Saint-Jacques district. The Pride Parade usually concludes at the entrance of Pride Village.

In 2019, three-quarters of the participants were LGBTI+ organisations!

Each participant at the Pride Parade is required to sign and respect our Pride Charter, and must also go through our application procedures steps, which vary according to their status. Find more information about our Policy Choices here.

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The Belgian Pride Parade in Brussels is one of the few parades of this scale to pass through the historic city centre. As a consequence, there are some practical limitations, such as vehicle size and types. This year, motorized vehicles will not be allowed at the Belgian Pride. This return to the essence of the Pride gives the Parade a unique dimension.

Since 2019, the Pride Parade route is on Google Maps! The day before the Pride Parade launch, the route will be clearly visible in rainbow colours online and on the app.

Number of Attendees

The Pride Parade and the Pride Village have seen an ever-growing number of participants. 

In 1996, the event registered 2,500 visitors.

In 2019, more than 100,000 people visited the Belgian Pride Parade on Saturday, May 18th. This figure was calculated by the police and confirmed by Belgian mobile phone operators.


Want to know more about Belgian Pride's history?

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More technical information about the Pride Parade

  • Logistics & Security

    The Belgian Pride draws up the outline of the Pride Parade, manages participants, and plans the communication. In collaboration with, the logistics of the Pride Parade is then constructed.

    The Belgian Pride collaborates with local authorities; the safety of visitors and Pride Parade participants (and the Pride Village) is our top priority. Traffic within the city (and within the Pride Parade) is discouraged and only possible on a sporadic basis. These crossing points are communicated via our letter to local residents and via our website. Since the attacks in Nice and London, the Pride Parade is physically sealed off from all parallel streets with concrete blocks and other heavy materials in order to prevent any attacks by ram-vehicles.

  • Accessibility

    The Pride Parade is a free event, accessible to all.

    Accessibility is one of the founding principles of all of our Pride events. To find out all the accessibility measures put in place, you can go to our dedicated Accessibility page.

  • Mobility

    Given the large number of visitors and activities in the centre of Brussels, Belgian Pride is aware of the impact these can have on the quality of life, mobility, and public spaces in Brussels. Since Belgian Pride 2019, the organisation has put a strong emphasis on raising awareness and encouraging people to deliberately and thoughtfully choose a certain means of transport, taking into account its environmental impact.

    Before and during the event, we promote the use of sustainable transport via public transport, cycling, and walking. In particular, visitors are clearly informed about the nearest tram, bus and train lines, as well as the use of the Villo network and the (night-time) taxi network. This is not only via the website and social networks, but also on the screen next to the Pride Stage as well as directions to public transport on the Pride Map.

    The Belgian Pride studies the Brussels Region and pinpoints several well-known public places. From these locations, the fastest walking routes are mapped out. These routes are indicated on our website and by means of signposts in the streets.

    For visitors arriving by car, we promote carpooling (and indicated the corresponding car parks). In addition, we provide information on the nearest Interparking underground car parks. As a result, parked cars have been removed from the streets.

    Since 2017, we have paid special attention to providing information to local residents and shopkeepers. To find our more, there is a page dedicated to the Local Residents.

  • Cleanliness

    Nothing is more important than a clean city and region. As such, we give special attention to the ecological impact of the event. Various actions are being taken to keep the city and the event clean and to make visitors aware of the importance of respectful waste management. The organisation provides free toilets and works together with Brussels Propreté/Net Brussels and the City of Brussels to put out bins along the Pride Parade route and within the Pride Village.

    Discover all of our actions on our Cleanliness page.

What about the Pride Kick-Off?

The Pride Kick-Off is a smaller celebration that marks the beginning of Pride Month. 

This event is focused on launching Pride Month and promoting the events that will take place in the coming weeks.  

Starting at the Grand Place/Grote Markt, we visit the iconic Manneken Pis and finish the small walk in the historical Saint-Jacques district, where the umbrella organisation for Brussels-based LGBTI+ organisations is historically located.

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