On this page, we present you different tools & information you can use when presenting Pride. Further down you can download pictures and find the link to last years aftermovie.

For more information about press, see our official press room pages freshly provided by Talking Birds (Only in Dutch & French.).

Press Room (Dutch)

Press Room (French)


Quick links

Do you need information concerning specific subjects?
Click on their names to go to the relevant pages on our website.


Below you can see some examples of our downloadable photos.

When using the photographs, we urge you to mention the photographers, whose names are in the file name.


If you want to use a video of The Belgian Pride, we recommend embedding last year's aftermovie. 

More videos can be found on our Facebook page: The Belgian Pride.

Need something more?

Take a look at our online press room, provided by our friends at Talking Birds.
They will stop at nothing to help you get what you need. (Press rooms are only in Dutch & French, but the English language is not a problem for them.)

Press Room (Dutch)

Press Room (French)

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